Let Them Be Kids

Let Them Be Kids is an all volunteer non-profit organization created to build community capacity on the grassroots level, while building playgrounds, skate parks and fitness parks across Canada. These projects leave a legacy of community members who are inspired and better equipped to lay a strong foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

Desired Outcomes

Remember when you were a kid and how it felt to spend days with friends and family at the park. The excitement you felt driving over the bumpy road, knowing the playground was just ahead............... Let's bring that joy to our children.

As a Recreation Committee and Town Council we are striving to meet the following goals:
- To create a social hub where all residents of Hare Bay can connect.
- To restore pride and ownership in our community by bringing everyone together to achieve a common goal thereby developing a more united community empowered to create positive change.
- To provide our youth with opportunities that will foster positive self-growth and leadership skills, encouraging them to take an active role in their community.
- To enhance the lives of our children by creating a safe and sustainable play area that will promote physical and social activity for the children and their families.
- Networking with local businesses and organizations to increase support and participation thus allowing us to develop future projects.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Donations In Memory Of :

In Memory of Ms. Beverly Forward;
- Robert & Ann Dean
- Dennis Barrow
- Janet Headge
- Wayne & Geraldine Blackwood
- Rosalyn Sheppard
- Patrick & Karen Wall
- John & Linda Dwyer
- Boyce & Mac Vivian
- Ray & Evelyn Penny
- Cherry Hounsell
- Nicole Parsons
- Carl & Lucy Saunders
- Gary & Rose Collins
- David & Pearl Rogers
- Rose Lewis
- Judy Forward
- Jim & Gertie Pardy
- Noreen Saunders
- Donna Attwood
- Mary & Roy Jeans
- Gerald & Ann Rogers
- Bob & Cavell Budgell
- Krista Blackwood
- Karl & Maud Arnold
- Monique Arnold
- Carol D. Arnold
- Susan Skinner
- Robin & Dianne Vatcher
- Winston & Viola Brown
In Memory of David Collins;
- Doyle & Elaine Budden
- Bruce & Elizabeth Collins
- Edward & Winnie Plaska
- Agnes Collins (Grandmother) & Family
In Memory of Pop Humphries;
- Tammy Collins-Luedee
In Memory of Thomas and Maggie Collins;
- Brian Collins
In Memory of Howie Roberts;
- Howard Collins
In Memory of Michelle Collins;
- The Collins Family
In Memory of Carrie & Ken Wicks;
- Janine Wicks
In Memory of Jake Wicks;
- Janine Wicks
In Memory of Terry Goulding;
- Linda Collins-Banfield
- Skyler Collins-Starkes
In Memory of Gladys Irish;
- Ann Dean
In Memory of Betty Hillier;
- Clarence & Esther Vivian
In Memory of Andrew (Andy) Collins;
- Amanda Collins & Noel Oram
- Stan & Anne Collins
- Neal, Bridget, Andrew, Alex & Aaron Hunt
- Herman, Lori, Tyrone, Allison & William Collins
- Kirk, Tammy, Kurtis & Kameron Collins
In Memory of Neil Oram;
- Amanda Collins & Noel Oram
In Memory of Sadie Wells;
- Kevin & Marion Wells and Family
- Ernst & Maggie Ettrich
- Dean Wells, Julie, Noah & Faith Oxford
In Memory of Frazer Ward;
- Julie Oxford & Deanna Ward
In Memory of Poppy Paul Collins;
- Tye Collins & Owen Oram
In Memory of Gladstone Saunders;
- David & Faye Pickett
- Cora, Scott, Zachary & Alyssa Rowsell
- Stephen & Francine Badcock
In Memory of Walter Pickett;
- David & Faye Pickett
In Memory of Nicky Collins;
- Gary & Rose Collins
- Clint, Jackie & Melody Collins
- Robin & Dillon Collins
- Mike, Nicole & Maggie Parsons
In Memory of all deceased Hare Bay/Dover Lions;
- Hare Bay/Dover Lions Club
In Memory of Brett Collins;
- Russell & Shirley Smith
In Memory of Obediah & Josephine Glover;
- Pauline Davis
In Memory of David Norris;
- Pauline Davis
In Memory of Cyril Mercer;
- Pauline Davis
In Memory of Arthur Glover;
- Pauline Davis
In Memory of Herman Collins;
- Stan & Anne Collins
In Memory of Candace Budden;
- Tracey, Dave, Joshua & Ethan Budden
In Memory of Laura Emma Collins;
- Jolene Vivian & Patrick Collins
- Gord Collins & Dallas Elliott
In Memory of Sarah Smith;
- Kim Firmage, Dwayne Smith & Katherine Smith
In Memory of Debbie Ford Rideout;
- Dean Wells
In Memory of Wilson & Irene Payne;
- Jim, Lynn, Jamie & Jonathan Payne
In Memory of Paul Collins:
- Mom & Dad
- Nancy & Chantelle
In Memory of Jasmine Fry;
- The Wiseman Family
In Memory of Wally Collins;
- Mary & Chesley Collins
In Memory of Courtney Justice Smith;
- Blair & Leona Smith
In Memory of Owen & Noah Collins;
- Todd & Sue Collins
- Tim & Alice Kelly
- Leo & Anita Collins
In Memory of Ada Collins;
- Janie & Arlene Collins
In Memory of Rex & Jean Rowsell;
- Scott, Cora, Zachary & Alyssa Rowsell
In Memory of Baby Calvin Collins;
- Dallas Elliott & Gord Collins
In Memory of Baby Christopher Mongrain;
- Krista Oram
In Memory of Nan and Pop Cooze;
- Trudy Cooze

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