Let Them Be Kids

Let Them Be Kids is an all volunteer non-profit organization created to build community capacity on the grassroots level, while building playgrounds, skate parks and fitness parks across Canada. These projects leave a legacy of community members who are inspired and better equipped to lay a strong foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

Desired Outcomes

Remember when you were a kid and how it felt to spend days with friends and family at the park. The excitement you felt driving over the bumpy road, knowing the playground was just ahead............... Let's bring that joy to our children.

As a Recreation Committee and Town Council we are striving to meet the following goals:
- To create a social hub where all residents of Hare Bay can connect.
- To restore pride and ownership in our community by bringing everyone together to achieve a common goal thereby developing a more united community empowered to create positive change.
- To provide our youth with opportunities that will foster positive self-growth and leadership skills, encouraging them to take an active role in their community.
- To enhance the lives of our children by creating a safe and sustainable play area that will promote physical and social activity for the children and their families.
- Networking with local businesses and organizations to increase support and participation thus allowing us to develop future projects.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tools Required For Build Day

BUILD DAY: June 18th, 2011

Time: 8am - 4pm
Location #1: Anstey Rd - Hare Bay Memorial Park
Location #2: Job's Lane - Beverly Forward Sunshine Playground

We need lots of volunteers, please "Join The Effort" here on our site so we can better organize our Build Day of June 18th. Please list any skills you have and any tools you can bring with you.

Below is a list of tools required June 16th, 17th and 18th. June 16th and 17th are days where the structural work gets done such as welding and cement work. We need 8-10 volunteers for each of those days and we are in dire need of a ticketed welder for both days. Please let us know if you have any of these items that we can use. All tools will be tagged and registered to insure they return to their rightful owner.

Tools and items we need:

- 80 bags of premix concrete or 1.92 cubic yards
- 16 pcs @ 12"x48" Sono Tube
- 15 Shovels
- 15 wheelbarrows
- 20 rakes
- 1 sledgehammer
- 8 cordless drills
- Drill bits (21/64", 5/32", 1/4", 1/8") 2 of each
- 4 ratchet sets(3/4", 1/2", 9/16",1/4")
- Torx bits - com. sizes T45, T30, T55, T40, & T27
- 8 impact drivers
- 1 Heavy Duty Grinder/metal cutting chop saw
- 2 step ladders (8' - 10' if possible)
- 4 each Levels 2' and 4',
- String Line/Marking paint
- 6 Tape Measures
- Stick welder - 200 amp gas powered cables
- 3 boxes of 7018 Welding rods - 3/16"
- 2 Extension cords (25' long)

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